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"I will be with her again, or I will die.
There aren't any other options."
-Ash, The Iron Knight

"If I let myself love you I won't throw myself in front of her.
I'll throw myself in front of you."
-Dimitri Belikov, Vampire Academy

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

So I started reading Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong...

... and I'm not going to lie, it's pretty freaking good!

Sea of Shadows (Age of Legends, #1)

"As I was saying, everyone comes back," Moria said. "Every Seeker. Every hound. Every volunteer. Every guard. They do their duty and they return, and all is well. You can't tell me that every Seeker has been perfect. They must make mistakes. It doesn't matter. I'm not even sure if the rituals matter at all. It is a kindness to the spirits of the damned, but would they truly rise up and attack? If it's never happened before, I'll wager it can't."
"Don't be blasphemous, Rya."
"If you don't fret, I'll not say scandalous things." Moria paused. "Which would be rather difficult, but since I'm quite certain you'll never stop fretting, I do believe I'm safe."
Ashyn threw her arms around her sister so abruptly that Moria ler out a yip of surprise. Ashyn smiled and hugged her until that rigid steel melted and Moria embraced her, whispering, "You're ready, Ash. I know you are."

Moria and Ashyn sisterly relationship takes front and center during the events of Sea of Shadows. They are both special, and both uniquely their own. They complement each other, each girl making up for what the other one lacks. Moria is strong spirited and isn't afraid to make a scene and get her point across...

"Before he could finish the sentence, her blade tip was digging into the bottom of his jaw.
"I am the Keeper of the Forest, boy," she said. "Do you think those pretty patterns on your arms give you the right to threaten me? They do not. Even if your father was still marshal, they would not. I will take your glowers. I will take your insults. I will take your warnings that you'll abandon me by the roadside if I do not keep pace. But you will not call me a liar. And you will not threaten me."

... while Ashyn is more gentle, and a dreamer. She is a romantic, yet at the same time she is not naive nor an idiot. She is kind and more easy spoken than Moira, with a leveled head on her shoulders. This is a little piece of Ashyn:

"It made a romantic tale. The young rogue, cheating death, returning to his grieving lover. But in reality...?Ashyn had always known that life did not resemble one of her book stories or Moria's bard tales, and yet there'd been part of her that hoped it did. The more she saw, the more she realized she was wrong. People made up those stories because it's what they wanted from their world. A place where goodness, kindness, and honor were rewarded. They were not rewarded."

Both voices are easy to tell apart so you will not be confused when reading since the tale is told from the two girl's POVs. Even though there is a name at the beginning of the title for which girl's turn it is to tell the tale, it is hardly ever needed. I find myself wishing this tale would not end! The writing is so good, and the situations are realistic yet infused with magic. I want to keep reading it forever... yet I am too close to the end to want to slow down.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Cover Reveal: The Young Elites by Marie Lu


"Some hate us, think us criminals to hang at the gallows. Some fear us, think us demons to burn at the stake. Some worship us, think us divine children of the gods.

But all know us."
Adelina Amouteru is a survivor of the blood plague: marked by a jagged scar, snow-white hair and lashes. Cast out by her family, Adelina has finally found a place to belong within the secret society of Young Elites. To some, the Elites are heroes, here to save innocents in desperate situations. But to the Inquisition Axis, the white-robed soldiers of Kenettra, they are monsters with demonic powers who must be brought to justice. As Adelina learns more about this perilous world where politics and magic clash, she soon realizes that her own powers may be in danger of bringing on an era of panic such as the world has never seen.
The new series, set in what Putnam described as a “Renaissance-like world,” is called The Young Elites. It follows three rival societies with supernatural powers battling for supremacy.

After Marie Lu's phenomenal Legend series we are all expecting great things from this author, and The Young Elites seems like it will deliver.  To me the summary's description of the world and circumstances resonates with the Legend series, in that special kids are trying to save their republic home in this gritty world who only sees them as enemies (Day's life story), but it still sounds wholly original at the same time (like super heroes in the Legend scenario).  I like the feel of the cover, the dark clouds, the FONT, the way the dagger replaces the T in "Elites", it's all very well done. My only complaint? Doesn't it seem like the cover is being cut off?

By putting the title below the author's name I know they are trying to emphasize Marie Lu's popularity but all it's doing is making the cover look awkward, to the point that I wouldn't mind buying this book in an e-book fashion because I would cringe a little if I saw this arrangement in person.

I am still waiting EAGERLY for this book though, NO LIE!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Morganville Vampires: T.V. Series/Show CASTing.

And the hits just keep coming. This one seems like it might be a good one. The Morganville Vampire series is soon to find a new outlet as a web-series through Geek and Sundry, my new best friends. Feek and Sundry is basically geek heaven which gives me hope as to how the web series will be approached and handled. Surely they know how important it is to us for them to stick to the story as closely as possible, because they very well may be huge fans too.
Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry is adding a vampire drama to its lineup of web series... Morganville: The Series, a web series based on the Morganville Vampires novels by Rachel Caine. Directed by Blake Calhoun, the series follows college student Claire Danvers who discovers that her rural college town is home to the last remaining vampires.

I for one am geedy with the news. As many of you know the Morganville Vampire series ended petty recently and we all were pretty bumped it about it... well, at least I know I was. It really left this huge crater sized hole in my reading pile. The series is just so familiar and lovable, and when it went away it was like I couldn't go back home again.

But now it's back! The main cast list is out as well, and they have certainly made some interesting choices...

Stacks Image 59
Lindsay Seidel as CLAIRE DANVERS

Don't really know her from anything, she does a lot of voice acting. She looks normal enough to be Claire I guess.

Jordan Farris as SHANE COLLINS

RAWR SHANE! I never really liked Shane that much, it was more of a HATE sometimes like relationship between him and me, so I don't really care who plays him. He looks good, I just hope he can act the tough guy/real jackass part.


Eeehhhh... I have to see him in costume. He kind of fits the image in my face, but only in some pictures... sometimes. He does have those beautiful blue eyes...

Stacks Image 71
Haileigh Todd as EVE ROSSER

SUPER FRESH off the press actress. I can't even find any other pictures of her online, so there you have it. This girl though... I think this is my favorite casting of the roommates. She has an EVE vibe, a different vibe.

Afomia Hailemeskel as MONICA MORRELL

I don't wanna be mean, but this girl looks waay too nice to be Monica. At least... I had a bitch pictured in my head. She kind of reminds me of Jillian Rose Reed from Awkward.

Stacks Image 57
Amber Benson as AMELIE

She look bad ass in this picture! I love Amber Benson, ever since she played the role of TARA in Buffy. But IS she Amelie? That is yet to be seen. I myself imagined Amelie as this little light flower thing with claws and teeth, but always looking fragile. Amber Benson has incredible presence.

Robert Picardo as OLIVER

I bet he is a great actor, still I don't see him as Oliver. But then again, there is a reason he was cast into that role so, we shall wait and see. He kinf od reminds me of a suburban dad though, and Oliver is NOT that.

For more news and casting you can visit the official Morganville Vampires THE SERIES website, and LIKE them on Facebook!

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